Renshi Andrew King
Owner And Instructor

I began my journey in the Martial Arts in my early teens. I remember the atmosphere in the Dojo or (training hall) When I walked in. To hear the yells, or as we call them Kiai, feel the energy, and see people doing these amazing things with their bodies, I was captivated! I studied a style called “American Freestyle Concepts”, this was fun and challenging physically, but lacked the basis and philosophies, that I desired. I then met someone at a tournament, who was from an Okinawan Karate system, to see the way they carried themselves, their techniques and just an overall superior mindset, I knew this was the style I wanted to know! I began training in Okinawan Shuri-Ryu Karate-do, under “Grand Master Stephen Tashiku”, Shihan-Sensei Tiberius Spann, and have to date attained a 3rd Dan Black Belt. I also along the way became interested in Aiki-jujutsu, and attained a “nidan rating, or 2nd Dan Black belt in that style. While studying Aiki-jujutsu, as part of my mental training I took up the style “Tameshiwara” (the science of breaking) and have attained a shodan ranking, or 1rst degree black belt, around 1995 I Studied the art of “Muay Thai” and also “American full-contact Kickboxing” other styles along this journey of mine have included: Boxing, Krav Maga. I am currently a student under Shihan Kevin Pereira, founder of the Shishikan Bujutsu system. This System is by far the most well rounded, practical system I've studied to date! I currently hold a fourth Dan in both Shishikan Kempo Jujutsu, and Shishikan Karate jutsu, under Pereira Hanshi Osu!